George and Grace have developed so much in the short time they have been with your Academy, which was evident today. Before starting with John Turners Black Belt Academy, once the nerves kicked in, Grace would not have walked back onto the mat let alone carry on with a demonstration. Yet today we saw a much braver little girl with a few reassuring words from Mrs Rowson and Mrs Turner. We are so pleased we brought our children to John Turners Black Belt Academy. Thank you again.

Mr and Mrs Parkinson, for their children Grace and George.

Myself and my children have been attending since November 2014, and we’ve found that JTBBA is great for family time, fitness, discipline and self defence. Fantastic, encouraging and friendly instructors and staff. Looking forward to Joshua’s and Maisie’s birthday party and our first graduation in January. Thank you JTBBA ! Highly recommended.

Mrs Blackburn, for herself and children Jacob, Joshua and Maisie

There are so many positive aspects to family training at JTBBA but it starts with a simple, obvious logic: the first day I met Master Turner he said “well Jim,  you can sit and watch Amelia train to earn her Black Belt over the next few years or you can do it with her” and he made me realise how amazing it would be for us to do it as father and daughter, to look back and say “we did that together”.

There are days when work or other commitments get in the way and I look at the clock and I wish I had more time but, because we’re both training, it makes it easier to get there, harder to make an excuse, it’s not just about me and my time, it’s about us and our time. And there has never been a day, in more than two years of training, when we didn’t get to the Academy and feel better coming out than we did going in.

Training at JTBBA is structured, incredibly professional, inspiring, and promotes respect, leadership, confidence, discipline, anti-bullying, fitness and self belief. Honestly, I defy anyone to commit to it and not walk out a better person. More than that, I defy anyone to commit to it with their sons or daughters and not feel incredibly proud of a benchmark they’ve managed to reach together.

Jim Ormonde for himself and his daughter Amelia

My son Daniel started John Turner’s Black Belt Academy at the age of 4 years old, as a “Little Dragon”. Myself and my husband wanted him to join an activity that was respectful, built self-confidence and awareness.

Twelve years later, Dan is a 4th degree Black belt in Taekwondo and now shares his knowledge and skills in what Master Turner has taught him, to bring through other students.  Not only has Master Turner trained numerous students through the Taekwondo and Han Mu Do Black Belt system, he has also given time and years of knowledge to local organisations and fronted an Anti-Bullying DVD which the students from the academy also participated in.

After watching Daniel grow into a confident, respectful young man, this made me want to join the Academy so I also began training, and now have a Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Master Turner is an open and honest person to students and parents alike, giving helpful advice to develop individual skills. On a personal note, as a family we went through a very challenging time in 2012 and Master Turner and his family were very supportive.

I would never hesitate to recommend John Turners Black Belt Academy to anybody who would like to get fit, have an enjoyable place to train, and gain many years of experience in Martial Arts. Well done on the last 15 years in the Academy, here’s to the next 15!


Mrs May, for herself and son Daniel

I have been accompanying my daughter at the Academy for nearly 5 years now. I have always been impressed by the organised and orderly management. There is an amazing family atmosphere, something that is very unusual in the commercialised environment today.

My wife and I have been most impressed with Master Turner. I have seen the Academy go from strength to strength under his leadership – in particular how he has trained the next generation of teachers. Hearing him speak at the Graduation ceremonies is always a pleasure. His message has always been consistent – it is about discipline, persistence, striving for excellence and mutual respect. These are values we could emulate as a society at large. I have often felt that were Master Turner to ever look for an alternate career, motivational speaking would be one to turn to!

Dr Saxena for his daughter Nina

We have been training at John Turners Black Belt Academy since November 2012, initially just the boys but now also Mum and Dad!

Our experience of the Academy has been wholly positive. Training is always fun, the atmosphere is always welcoming and the Instructors are excellent role models.

Its great to be able to train together as a family, to spend time together doing something we all enjoy, learning new skills and developing fitness & confidence in a family-friendly environment. We would recommend John Turners Black Belt Academy to anyone who wants to increase their fitness, learn new skills & have a lot of fun in a positive, supportive atmosphere.


Mr and Mrs Flanagan, for themselves and their sons, Theo and Anthony

Will and Freddy have been with the Academy for nearly five years now, and their next belt is Black Belt! They are only 8 and 9 years old – so proud of them both! Thanks to all the staff at the Academy for helping them get where they are today, so pleased I made the decision to send them all that time ago, thanks guys!

Jennifer Wood, for William and Freddy

For the previous three years running up to being 52, I attended my local gym three nights a week and did 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on each occasion; my weight lifting days being a thing of the distant past.

I then decided that I wanted to make a return to martial arts training. From previous experience with the martial arts in my younger years I knew that this was going to be a choice of one out of Taekwondo, Karate or Kung Fu; definitely one of the striking arts.

I settled on Taekwondo at John Turner’s Black Belt Academy in Brigg where I now train between 3 and 5 times a week. My professional career is a very busy one so my leisure time is precious to me. In my view, the commitment that I have made to my training is easily repaid by the benefits I receive from it. The training that I have received has made a very real difference to me. I am now faster, stronger and more flexible and agile than I have been since I was in my late twenties.

The technique of the instructors is excellent as is their attitude to the students they are training. Having trained at a number of different martial arts schools over the years, I know there is always a certain level of angst surrounding what to expect when starting at a new school. Some of the environments in which I have trained have left much to be desired; not so at John Turner’s Black Belt Academy which is a very welcoming and inclusive environment.

John Turner’s Black Belt Academy is also extremely well resourced and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in receiving martial arts tuition. Good martial arts is all about respect and accordingly John Turner’s Black Belt Academy training regimen supports a highly structured and disciplined training environment, in which everyone, staff and students alike, without exception, are all really nice people with a shared goal – achieving their black belt.

Mark Stroud

My two children have been part of Little Dragons for 8 months now and both thoroughly enjoy it. We started for a few reasons. Firstly I was struggling with my son having little respect and an attitude towards me and also felt he would benefit from learning to be  more agile as he lacked confidence in this. Both of these have drastically changed., I feel like I have my lovely little boy back who has grown in confidence and self belief in his physical abilities. My daughter was having temper tantrums and constantly arguing with her brother, although this has not stopped completely it has definitely become less of an issue. She has matured so much since starting at Little Dragons.
They get along much better now and both enjoy all aspects of Martial arts at Little Dragons. They look forward to getting home and completing their work sheets ( unlike their school home work) and constantly want to impress their instructors.
Everyone at the club have been very welcoming and I feel it’s very personalised as they check to see how your children are settling in.
We would  highly recommended JTBBA to anyone and have even got friends looking at enrolling their children as they’ve seen how well our two are getting on.

Mr and Mrs Small for Amaya and Duffie

We decided to pay JTBBA a visit. On walking through the door I could tell it was the place to be. Great set up and warmly welcomed. After a meeting with Master Turner the professional standards were clear to see.

In the first two years Reilley has gained lots of skills, as in courtesy, spirit, self-control, honesty and perseverance.

JTBBA is a very friendly place to meet people and learn great skills. All the instructors do a great job and I would recommend the Academy to anyone

Mr P Mason for his son Reilley

Ben initially attended an Anti-Bullying workshop as a guest of a school friend and I was so impressed by the staff that I decided to let him try a couple of sessions.  From the start he has thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to get there even after a busy day at school.

He is generally a placid little boy and I had already become fearful of him being bullied, but even in the short time he has been going his confidence has grown immensely, and my fear diminishes daily as he practices his self defence techniques, and he becomes a physically and mentally strong individual.  This is not just about the physical activities, the education they provide is also paramount.

I cannot praise the instructors highly enough for their positive, encouraging attitude, patience and look of pure joy at seeing these Little Dragons practising what has obviously become their beloved art.

Emma Larder for her son Ben

My son Oliver has been going since 2015 he has progressed really well in a very friendly, professional environment. It has improved his confidence (he’s hoping to start helping in another group soon) and helped with his fitness. All the staff are fab and very approachable.

Debbie Pearson for her son Oliver