Over 25 Years Experience of Providing Presentations in Schools

5TMA specialise in school presentations… Over the last 25 years we have been invited into numerous schools in the North Lincolnshire area. Our school talks and presentations do not emphasise the physical side of Martial Arts such as punching, strikes and kicks; but the importance of:

  • Respect
  • Confidence Building
  • Self Discipline

We know the importance of “Mind, Body and Spirit Training” as this is included in our curriculum at our professional Academy. In fact, all our children are encouraged to earn a special merit badge by being an excellent pupil at their regular school. Our presentations can be for the classroom or a whole school assembly, and work in conjunction with the schools philosophies and policies at all times. If you would like to book a FREE school talk/presentation or to receive more information please contact us on 01652 650509.

“(JTBBA) now 5TMA have been involved with Sir John Nelthorpe School for a number of years.

Although a Martial Arts Academy, one of the most striking aspects of the visits has been the emphasis on such things as developing respect for others, building confidence and looking for ways of avoiding conflict situations.

Each session was delivered in a very professional and safety conscious manner. It has been noticeable how everyone enjoyed not just the physical aspect of the work, but also the self improvement element as well.

Sir John Nelthorpe School


Techniques and Tactics to Combat Bullying

John Turner, a highly respected Martial Arts Instructor, with over 34 years experience, has produced a DVD featuring typical situations young people are facing in their lives. Whether it be in the classroom, school corridors, external or other places, this DVD will show you ways and means of dealing with name calling, intimidation, and skills showing how to escape and defend against physical attacks!

Having worked with the anti-bullying organisation and receiving the backing and endorsement of the former head of North Lincolnshire branch, John Turner has created a long awaited DVD for those suffering from bullying. Suitable for junior and senior school pupils, parents/guardians, schools and educational institutes. Please call: 01652 650509 to order yours for just £13.99! Plus £2.00 P&P.

We also hold anti-bullying workshops in and out of the Academy, for more information please call us on: 01652 650509