Don't get bored over the Summer Holidays and book your kids onto our fantastic Summer Camp Events! Open to both Members and Non-Members! Call: 01652 650509 to book your place...

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Black Belt Grading Success!

On Saturday 19th May, Master Turner oversaw a Black Belt Grading in which candidates were taking their next Grade Level in their Martial Arts. From 1st Poome all the way to 5th Dan! We would like to congratulate all students who passed, as the last few years of hard...

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April Graduation 2018

On Saturday 28th April, we celebrated and are very proud of all of our students who performed their skills and techniques to a fantastic standard and achieved their next level for their belt and certification! The JTBBA Instruction Team also showed fantastic...

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Birthday Parties!

Did you know that as well as offering awesome Martial Arts Classes here at JTBBA, we hold Birthday Parties? Whether you are a member or not! We offer fantastic children's Birthday Parties! Your child will break a board, cut their cake with a sword, plus get to wear a...

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We are looking forward to hosting our ever popular Easter Egg Hunt for children on Thursday 29th March! We have lots of fun and exciting games planned! As well as Eggs hidden here and there around the Academy to find! Drinks and Snacks are also included! This event is...

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Female Defence Workshop Success!

On Saturday 10th March, Master Turner held a fantastic Female Self Defence Workshop showing females how to become confident and empowered as well as learning fantastic techniques from his wealth of knowledge! Thank you to all those that...

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On Saturday 10th March Master Turner will be holding a female self defence workshop in celebration of Mothers Day. This workshop is for females aged 13 years and above and is open to both members and non - members! We guarantee that within this session you will feel...

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Graduation – January 2018

On Saturday 27th January, we held a fantastic Grading here at the Academy! Many students performing their curriculum skills to achieve their next grade! We are very impressed with everyone's skills and are very proud on how everyone is coming along on their Martial...

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Train for FREE in January!

Why not kickstart your New Year by taking us up on our fantastic offer to train for FREE throughout the whole of January 2018! We can help you reach your goals and motivate you to become great! This is for ALL of our classes and programmes and for all ages! Simply...

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