7th Dan Taekwondo - 4th Dan Han Mu Do - 2nd Dan Kick Boxing


 Master Turner’s Qualifications

  • 1980 – Awarded Top Instructor Trophy
  • 1983 – Achieved European Taekwondo Referee Certification
  • 1993 – Gained Certification in Rape Awareness and Prevention
  • 2002 – Awarded Top Martial Arts School in the UK
  • 2004 – Achieved Top Instructor Award of Professional Schools UK
  • Instructed and Graded by Korean Grandmaster Dr He-Young Kimm


Master Turner’s Martial Arts Training

  • 1973– Began training, and was graded through all coloured belts by Grandmaster Ki Ha Rhee
  • 1977– Awarded 1st Dan Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo by Grandmaster J. C. Kim Choi and Grandmaster Ki Ha Rhee
  • 1977– All-England Knife Hand Destruction Champion
  • 1979– Awarded 2nd Dan WTF Taekwondo
  • 1981– Full Contact Sparring Champion WTF Championships
  • 1982– Awarded 3rd Dan WTF Taekwondo from Master Yeo Sil Chung 7th Dan
  • 1985- Achieved 4th Dan Master Grade Level WTF Taekwondo
  • 1989– Awarded 5th Dan WTF Taekwondo from Grandmaster Ko Yu Min
  • 1993– Commenced Training in Hapkido and Combat Skills
  • 1994– Introduced and Trained with Grandmaster Dojonim Dr He-Young Kimm, Founder of Hanmudo
  • 1998– Awarded 1st Dan Hanmudo (Korean Martial Arts)
  • 1998– Awarded 6th Dan WTF Taekwondo from a Panel of Korean Masters in USA
  • 1999– Awarded 1st Dan Certification in Kickboxing
  • 2000– Awarded 2nd Dan Hanmudo by Dr He-Young Kimm
  • 2003– Awarded 3rd Dan Hanmudo by Dr He-Young Kimm
  • 2004– Awarded 2nd Dan Kickboxing Certification
  • 2006– Awarded 4th Dan Master Grade in Hanmudo by Dr He-Young Kimm
  • 2012– Completed European Hanmudo Seminar with 10th Dan Founder Dr He-Young Kimm
  • 2012– Passed to 7th Dan WTF Taekwondo by Panel of Korean Grandmasters in Holland


Master Turner’s Community and Charity Work

  • 1979– Appeared on BBC Television Sports Programme
  • 1992– Worked as a Consultant with North Lincolnshire Anti Bullying Organisation
  • 1993– Featured on ITV Television Demonstrating Taekwondo with Korean Master Sang H Kim
  • 1995– Appeared on BBC Television Discussing Self Defence
  • 2000– Appeared on ITV Television Opening The Full Time Centre
  • 2007– Produced Anti Bullying DVD “Bully4Me” Dealing with Bullying and Intimidation
  • 2007– Featured on BBC Radio speaking on Anti Bulling ad Dealing with Dangerous Situations
  • 2011– Featured on Channel 5’s “The Wright Show” speaking on Martial Arts Education


Master Turner’s Martial Arts Teaching Career

  • 1979 – Began Instructing in the Doncaster, Epworth and Scunthorpe Area.
  • 1991 – Became Professional, Full Time Instructor, teaching classes in the Hull, Grimsby. Brigg, Broughton, Bottesford, and Scunthorpe areas, amongst others.
  • 2000 – Opened his full time Martial Arts Academy in Brigg.