7th Dan Taekwondo - 4th Dan Han Mu Do - 2nd Dan Kick Boxing



Han Mu Do is taught exclusively by Master J A Turner, 7th Dan Taekwondo and 4th Dan Master Grade in Han Mu Do.

Han Mu Do is a Korean Martial Art of Self Defence founded by Korean Grandmaster Dr He Young Kimm, 10th Dan.

Consisting of:-

  • Joint Locks
  • Pressure Points
  • Throws and Take Downs
  • Strikes and Weapons
  • Meditation and Inner Energy Training

At present this unique Martial Art is taught weekly for an hour which makes it ideal for the busy person who would like to focus on Self Defence and those students who wish to compliment and increase their current skills.

Master Turner is the sole representative for the World Han Mu Do Association in the North of England!  He has been taught and graded by Grandmaster Kimm since 1995.

Learn this unique Martial Art to empower you by gaining true ‘Mind Body & Spirit’ training associated with traditional Martial Arts.

Enjoy TWO free classes by asking for Han Mu Do with Master Turner.

Visit: www.hanmudo.com