Martial Arts Classes for 4-6 Year Olds

Little Dragon Martial Arts Classes

Our Little Dragon Martial Arts Classes have been running since 2000, and the continued success of these classes is due to children learning much more than just Martial Arts throughout their training. Here’s just some of the experiences children have at 5 Tenets Martial Arts Academy:

  • Positive encouragement from all Instructors.
  • Improved confidence.
  • A better attitude and improved behaviour at home and at school.
  • Learn important Life Skills including “Stranger Awareness” and “First Aid”.
  • Better focus and concentration on everyday tasks.

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Ben initially attended an Anti-Bullying workshop as a guest of a school friend and I was so impressed by the staff that I decided to let him try a couple of sessions.  From the start he has thoroughly enjoyed it and cannot wait to get there even after a busy day at school.

He is generally a placid little boy and I had already become fearful of him being bullied, but even in the short time he has been going his confidence has grown immensely, and my fear diminishes daily as he practices his self defence techniques, and he becomes a physically and mentally strong individual.  This is not just about the physical activities, the education they provide is also paramount.

I cannot praise the instructors highly enough for their positive, encouraging attitude, patience and look of pure joy at seeing these Little Dragons practising what has obviously become their beloved art.

Emma Larder for her son Ben