Family Martial Arts Classes

Quality Time....Together

  • Train in Martial Arts with your family members, have fun, and enjoy quality time together!
  • Gain self defence skills in a safe environment.
  • Classes are suitable for ALL abilities, with designated classes for beginners.
  • Achieve your goals alongside like-minded individuals.
  • Our younger students are treated with the same respect as adults, and are taught to return that respect to others.

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George and Grace have developed so much in the short time they have been with your Academy, which was evident today. Before starting with John Turners Black Belt Academy, once the nerves kicked in, Grace would not have walked back onto the mat let alone carry on with a demonstration. Yet today we saw a much braver little girl with a few reassuring words from Mrs Rowson and Mrs Turner. We are so pleased we brought our children to John Turners Black Belt Academy. Thank you again.

Mr and Mrs Parkinson for their children George and Grace