Family Martial Arts Classes

Quality Time....Together

  • Train in Martial Arts with your family members, have fun, and enjoy quality time together!
  • Gain self defence skills in a safe environment.
  • Classes are suitable for ALL abilities, with designated classes for beginners.
  • Achieve your goals alongside like-minded individuals.
  • Our younger students are treated with the same respect as adults, and are taught to return that respect to others.

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There are so many positive aspects to family training, but it starts with a simple, obvious logic: the first day I visited the Academy they said “well Jim,  you can sit and watch Amelia train to earn her Black Belt over the next few years or you can do it with her” and they made me realise how amazing it would be for us to do it as father and daughter, to look back and say “we did that together”.

Training is structured, incredibly professional, inspiring, and promotes respect, leadership, confidence, discipline, anti-bullying, fitness and self belief. Honestly, I defy anyone to commit to it and not walk out a better person. More than that, I defy anyone to commit to it with their sons or daughters and not feel incredibly proud of a benchmark they’ve managed to reach together.

Mr Ormonde for himself and his daughter Amelia